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If you are looking to kill it after the New Year but need to update your wardrobe then PLNDR is just the place for you to come.  PLNDR is the sister site/company of Karmaloop.  Karmaloop is the largest retailer of “streetwear” clothing and PLNDR is a contender when ti comes to offering some of the best deals and specials on top brand “streetwear” fashions.

What is PLNDR?

Just like Karmaloop, PLNDR helps you live your life like you want to and they help you represent yourself through your clothing choices and they can help you do it for cheaper.  They have taken on the task of finding the best brands for their clothing styles and have returned with hundreds of options for their customers and offer them for up to 80% off of the original price.

PLNDR pronounced like plunder focuses more on getting their clients great deals on the fashions they love and they do it well.  They offer some of the best fashion, kicks, jewelry, and other accessories, as well as “streetwear” fashion.  They essential go out and find the deals on the brands that you love for you and bring them all to one spot where you can easily shop the brands you love and find great deals as well.  Most of the clothing that PLNDR sells goes for around if not more than 80% off of the retail price.  You cannot really argue with that!

Flash Sales at PLNDR

What really makes PLNDR unique that it is a member’s only style of online boutique.  This means that shoppers have to sign in and become members of PLNDR before they can accesses the amazing deals that are waiting for them.   They also have a unique way of selling their items.  Yes you can shop around like any other online store but they also have limited time sales that really offer you great steal on name brand streetwear clothing.  These sales usually last from 48 to 72 hours and if you are not on top of your game you can miss out on some amazing cutting-edge clothing and brands that can add that extra little bit of something to your style.

PLNDR has huge sales and promotions every day all year round! Don’t worry if you end up missing a sale, they always have something special for everyone. Next time when you are shopping at PLNDR apply a new promo code for 10% off. Extra discounts on sale items are the best bargain when shopping for deals.

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